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Quitting smoking is easy.... I did it 5 times!

Posted by Lars VanKessel on

Quitting smoking can be easy for some people, but very difficult for others.  The reasons for this are as varied as the people who smoke.   I smoked for over 25 years, with small breaks over the last 10 where I would be able to quit for a short time, but stress, or social situations found me back with a smoke in my hand again, and again.  Until I found vaping, I never would have been able to feel like I could completely remove smoking from my life.

It's been over 6 and a half years since I have had a cigarette, and I can confidently say I will never start smoking again.  To be frank, you couldn't pay me to have a cigarette.

Using a vaporizer or "e-cig" can be a great tool in the stopping of smoking cigarettes.   You simply use your vaporizer instead of your cigarette.  It delivers the nicotine your brain is craving and satisfies that "hand to mouth gesture" you have done thousands if not millions of times.  You will feel the vapour as if it was smoke, you will feel the nicotine get into your system, and you won't be inhaling the thousands of chemicals and toxins in cigarettes that make it such a dangerous and filthy habit.   Are you trading one habit for another?  Perhaps, but you're trading a habit that kills half of the people that use it, for a habit that is thought to be between 95-99% safer.  

We want you to quit, we are all former smokers that now feel better and smell better, and some of us even enjoy this new habit in ways that smoking could never reproduce.  Imagine killing both your craving for sweets and smoking in one puff.

Just picking up a vaporizer isn't going to guarantee you success, in fact, even picking up a vaporizer and getting support from fellow vapers does not guarantee success, but it does increase your chances of success exponentially.

The devices we are giving away have helped hundreds of thousands of people get of of cigarettes for good.  They are reliable, simple to use and bring the cost of smoking down around 80% or more!

So, if you are thinking about quitting smoking, come on down to It's Not Smoke, It's Just Vapour at 1700 Dundas Street, on the North side between Second and Third Streets and bring in your smokes.   Crush them up for us on video or picture and we will set you up with a vape pen, charger and enough liquid to keep you vaping for a week.  We will show you how to set it up, refill it, recharge it and maintain it and have you out the door with ZERO cost.  All we want is the picture of you crushing your smokes.

This is a great opportunity for you to finally get off the cigarettes for good.

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