Vapcell INR20700 3100mAh 30A (Gold)


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Vapcell INR20700 3100mAh 30A (Gold)

.a great 30A battery, beats VTC5A and 5-leg top contact 20700’s

Bottom Line: This cell was a joy to test. It performed well, both its continuous current and capacity ratings are accurate, and only the continuous current rating is on the wrap of the cell.

This Vapcell outperforms both the Sony VTC5A and the 5-leg top contact 20700’s, hitting harder and running for longer. This cell roughly matches the Sanyo NCR20700A at 10A but the Sanyo is still the better performer at high current levels.

Both cells I tested delivered more than 3100mAh when discharged at 0.5A down to 2.5V. I am estimating this Vapcell’s ratings at 30A and 3100mAh.


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