Collection: Our Own Juice

The juices we make here at Sinister Phogg Labs,

BASIX, (our 50/50 VG/PG blend)

BACCOS, (our 50/50 VG/PG TOBACCO blends)

120430 (120 mL bottles of MAX VG for 30 bucks)

SNAX, (flavours based on "snacks")

DRINX,  (flavours based on "drinks")

EOA  (our custom blends designed for great flavour based on our neighbourhood)

Boss' Choice. (great flavours with plain bottles and no marketing gimmicks beyond a great price)

smüüth,  (our MAX VG blend with hybrid nicotine for an ultra smooth vape)

FREE-Z, (our "freezie" line-up of flavours, fruit flavours with a chill.)

Sinister Phogg Saltz  (most of our flavours in a 50/50 salt nicotine blend)