Vapcell INR26650 4200mAh 32A


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Vapcell INR26650 4200mAh 32A

Perfect for the BIG MAC MOD

Vapcell 32A 4200mAh 26650…same as good performing Aspire/Golisi/iJoy

Bottom Line: I am delighted to see the ratings on this cell. It looks and performs the same as the good cell wrapped by Aspire, Golisi, and iJoy for their 4200mAh-4300mAh rated 26650’s (when I tested them) but this Vapcell has its 32A continuous current rating clearly marked on the wrap and no “pulse” or “max” rating. This is fantastic and I hope more companies start doing this.

I estimate this cell’s ratings to be 30A-32A and about 4200mAh. As with many cells that are manufactured in China there is greater cell-cell variation than from Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic/Sanyo. That makes it difficult to pick a single number for the ratings.

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