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SammyNitro 5150 Flavour Coils

  • 1995

There are several different types of coils, and they change all the time.

Keep Checking back to see what we have...  they go fast.

KEY to wire terms.

Cl - Clapton, Clapton wire gets it's name because it's like a guitar string.. one thicker wire wrapped with a thinner wire around it - the extra gaps give it more flavour.

FC- Fused Clapton, this is two wires in parallel, wrapped with much thinner wire (clapton style) to "fuse" the two wires as one thicker wire.... heats faster and with the extra gaps, gives much richer flavour.

SFC - Staggered fused clapton - two wires are "clapton wrapped" with a gap between each wrap, then 'fused together' with another wire that goes in the gaps on the two wires.  Gives a checkered appearance and has amazing flavour and cloud production.

St - Staged coils  have two types of wire wrapped in parallel to give  staged heating, so it will give a different flavour profile.

TFS - Twisted Fused Staged.   Twisted Fused Staged has a twisted wire, and a fused clapton wire staged together.

FS- Fused Staged - fused clapton staged with a plain wire.


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