Xtar MC2 Plus Dual Bay Charger


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Xtar MC2 Plus Dual Bay Charger
Xtar MC2 Plus Dual Bay Charger
Xtar MC2 Plus Dual Bay Charger
Xtar MC2 Plus Dual Bay Charger

The MC2 has been upgraded to the MC2 Plus USB Charger! It has double the speed of the older USB charger the MC2 - able to hit 1.0A for both bays in a compact value form factor. 

Its LED display has also been upgraded to show more information (older one had just a green/red LED). If you are looking for a value for money 2 bay charger with fast speeds this is it.



 • Real 1A x 2 fast charging, fully charge 2 VTC4 Batteries in 2 hours

 • Automatically chooses the most suitable charging current (0.5A/1A) for batteries to maximize battery life

 • A delicate display shows charging current and charging status 

 • Charge anywhere anytime with Micro USB charging port 

 What makes MC2 Plus outstanding?

1. 0V activation function could wake up over-discharged batteries, even those newly drained to 0V.

2. Safely charging. It can charge a battery precisely up to 4.2V, and automatically stop charging when complete. Thus, you need not worry about whether the battery is overcharged or under charged, achieving a great insurance to battery’s lifespan.

3. Compact and very portable. 48 grams very light weight and compact size could charge 26650 battery with no adaptor or spacer, along with USB port, always make your travel easier.

4. TC-CC-CV 3-stages charging method. It slowly ramps up the charge rate, soft charges even nearly empty batteries, then uses great CC/CV charging, which never hits batteries all-at-once.

5. Over-heating protection, short circuit protection and polarity-reverse protection.

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