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Hybrid Nicotine: What is it and why might I use it?

Also known under the terms HIT and BOLD, hybrid nicotine is the combination of two forms of nicotine; salt and freebase. Each comes with their own pros and cons that can be balanced by combining both into what is known as a hybrid nicotine. Hybrid nicotine is a good option for new vapers or people who want to vape less salt nicotine.

Salt Nicotine

Salt nicotine is smooth on the throat even in high doses and has a fast-acting effect on the brain. Salt nicotine is recommended for those looking to replace their cigarette habit with vaping.

Freebase Nicotine

Freebase nicotine has a rougher throat hit and takes longer to effect the brain, but lasts longer than salt nicotine. Those looking to decrease their nicotine use are may want to use freebase nicotine.

Hybrid Nicotine

A blend of both salt and freebase, hybrid nicotine brings the best of both types of nicotine together, giving you a smaller head-hit and a longer lasting nicotine effect for those looking to try and get off cigarettes or salt nicotine. We have several lines of E-Liquid that use this nicotine profile such as HYBRID and SMUUTH. We also have select disposables and pods available that come with a hybrid nicotine blend, usually under the terms HIT or BOLD 50/35