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Samsung 20S INR 18650 30A 2000mAh

Samsung 20S INR 18650 30A 2000mAh

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The new Samsung 20S is well known for its capacity to supply high current. Mooch said: ‘Samsung 20S 18650…hardest hitting 18650 right now, beats HB6 and VTC6A’. A great battery for cloud chasing competition. 

Mooch's Bottom Line: This is a great performing cell. Until now the only 30A 18650’s we had were the 1500mAh LG HB2/4/6. The Samsung 20S not only has increased capacity over those cells but it performs MUCH better too, giving us a lot more vaping time at high current levels.

It hits harder than any other 18650 down to about 3.3V and appears to have a true 30A rating.

At lower current levels, under 20A or so, there are better higher capacity choices. But at 30A the Samsung 20S is the clear winner. In the 20A-30A range it is a close race between the 20S and the VTC5A/5D/6A. You’ll have to test them to see which performs better for the way you vape

I don’t have the datasheet yet to know Samsung’s ratings but I am estimating them to be 30A continuous and 2000mAh. If needed, these ratings will be adjusted once I see the datasheet.

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